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“Nisha Hernandez originally enlisted in the US Army after the 9/11 attacks and participated in the Army Band during her deployment to Baghdad, Iraq. After retiring from the Army, Hernandez decided to pursue a career as an Indie Pop/Rock singer/songwriter under the pseudonym “Nisha Nandez,” and has been following her dream to advance her career in the music industry ever since. As the former lead vocalist of the Army Band and current recording artist, Nisha Nandez has traveled the world performing and entertaining audiences from various walks of life and strives to incorporate these experiences into her music. Women Veterans ROCK! is pleased to present US Army Captain Nisha Hernandez (RET) as our June #WomenVetsROCK Twitter Chat guest and hope that you will join us on June 9 as we explore her inspirational journey from motherhood to homelessness to the spotlight.”



“Review of “Give Me One Reason”: Nisha Nandez is on a roll. A hybrid of rnb, pop, contemporary and alternative. Powerful pipes, amazing production value, smashing lyrical content and great instrumentation. It’s been a minute since this type of artist has been on top but with her creativity and marketability she is a ringer for success. Immense talent has earned her a spot on our #360WatchList.”



“NishaNandez has a powerful glow when you meet her in person. On stage she snags the interest right away and this is good news for everyone. When you listen to her songs you find a surprising rock flair on a multitude of tracks that, although tell similar stories, each has something you can like. Doing music for a long time, and being selected as a touring singer for troops overseas covering songs from P!nk to Evanescence you might get a bit of an idea about her capabilities. Last month we did a Music Spotlight on this intriguing artist. Here you can get more info on her and find out what’s coming your way soon!”



“In Nisha’s recordings you can hear her passion. She has a knack for melodies that hit often enough for you to want to continue to listen. You’ll find a mix of pop, jazz and alternative. Rock is sprinkled in there too but not so much that it’d warrant a huge nod in that direction. What I mean is that you can hear the electric guitar but whent he vocals come on it’s soft spoken in most cases. Nisha also has a bio story on her website that tugs at the heart strings. Going through divorce at a young age, being a single mom and even barely surviving attempted murder she certainly has a variety of life to sort through. With this repertoire of experience it’s no wonder she resonates well with many people. In the end this is definitely music you’d find on a hit station so long as she keeps hitting her sweet spots. Nisha has a unique sound but if she were to be compared to other artists she kind of sounds like Sade*.On a scale of 1 to 11 on the Volume Knob, I would rank her music a”



“Review of “Dreamin” Nisha Nandez is sensational. A hybrid of pop, rock, jazz and alternative. Very eclectic.sound. Great production, tracks and vocals. Lyrical content adds dimension. Haven’t heard anything of this nature since the Bond movies in the 90’s. Immense creativity has earned this artist a spot on our 360 Watch List.”



“Review of “Have Mercy on Me, Remix” Nisha Nandez is a diamond in the rough. Beautiful voice interwoven with a new R&B sound creeks through your speakers. Eerie tracks add to the flare of her vocal tone. With her marketability, creativity and talent she will rise above the occasion. In a sea of rising stars within her genre, this artist still is only a channel away from stardom. N2 deserves more.



“Nisha Nandez is one special lady. Not only is her own personal story inspiring, so is her music! After giving 8 years of her life to the US Army she has devoted all her time to spreading the good energy provided in her songs. Nisha’s exceptional blend of indie-alternative-rock hits you square between the eyes and gives you a feeling of instant joy. Based on her bio I think that she has already succeded. The one thing that has always got in my craw, and more so recently over the last few years, is that there are not a lot of people that are recording music, making millions, that can actually sing! Trust me on this one, Ms. Nandez has the pipes to get the job done. She also has some very good musicians behind her vocals to complete the package. Check out Nisha Nandez, you will not be sorry and so glad you have discovered a true talent that is doing things the right way. ”



“Nisha wowed the troops not only through her singing but her unique style being an African American female rocker. Nisha was breaking the stereotypes of the music industry and caught on fire helping boost the troops’ morale while serving her country contributing her B>U spirit. Nine years later Captain Nisha is retiring from the army and sets her sights on singing to America with her B>U spirit and rock and roll in her heart.”