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My Head (prod by JackEL) is now available

Daniel Morrison – Hip Rock Magazine


“NishaNandez has a powerful glow when you meet her in person. On stage she snags the interest right away and this is good news for everyone. When you listen to her songs you find a surprising rock flair on a multitude of tracks that, although tell similar stories, each has something you can like…” 

About Nisha Nandez

Her passion for singing comes naturally and is one she has had as long as she can remember. The radio and her were close friends during childhood but as time went on, her realities changed. Real life hit and she grew up… After multiple failed relationships, four children, homelessness, a brutal attack on her life, and several issues with her health, she knew something in her life had to change!


She thought about how she could give back to the world and when 9/11 happened, she knew… she would pursue her passion for music and give back to the world by enlisting in the Army Band! Six months after training was completed, she deployed to Baghdad, Iraq…

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9/11 happened and she decided to give back to the world by enlisting in the Army Band. Deployed to Baghdad, Iraq, she became the lead female vocalist in the rock band


She performed at the Los Angeles Veterans Center's 50th Anniversary Commemoration Ceremony honoring our Vietnam Veterans.


She was featured on Reverbnation's Crowd Picks ``Artists You Should Hear`` for her single ``Hurts So Bad``


Her two singles hit Spotify's Top 100 Playlist and Secrets (JackEL Remix) was on Spotify's Top 50 Playlist and Summer Hits 2016 Playlist.

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Nisha Nandez delivers another outstanding track! Its easy to see why people like Eddie Galan and DJ JackEL are queuing up to work with Nisha Nandez. She writes great songs, that are catchy as hell, but what really shines through is the passion in her performance. This is a girl who absolutely does not know how to hold back. If you look up “going for it” in the dictionary, I am sure you will find Nisha’s picture smiling back at you. Just Human is another killer track from Miss Nandez!”

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